Audio Engineer, Producer, Music Editor

Audio Engineer/Music Editor/music videographer




I shot the footage for this video throughout the recording process; it will give you a glimpse until what really went on while we were recording the bed tracks and overdubs for this song.

I shot this video along with Trent Freeman in the Little Red Church on Bowen Island. The audio was recorded by myself and James Perrella live-off-the-floor while we shot the video, with a few strategically positioned mics.


I am a freelance 
audio engineer…

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I grew up in a musical family with two singer-songwriter parents, and started studying classical piano and violin at age four. At twelve, I began accompanying my mother, Shari Ulrich, on stage in concerts across Canada. Along the way I added mandolin, acoustic guitar, accordion and vocals. 

I began studying at McGill University in 2008, and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Music Technology. Taking a particular interest in this unique combination of music and science, I decided to continue my studies in audio engineering and production. In the spring of 2014, I completed my Master of Music Degree in Sound Recording at McGill University's Schulich School of Music under the instruction of George Massenburg, Richard King, Steven Epstein, and others. There, I collaborated with students and professional musicians, producing and engineering a variety of projects ranging from classical and pop music to audio for video post-production. I also worked under the supervision of Wieslaw Woszczyk on a research project relating to Virtual Acoustics, and helped to showcase the technology at a variety of concerts open to the public in McGill's Music Multimedia Room. 

While at McGill, I also engineered and produced two full-length commercially released albums: Everywhere I Go by Shari Ulrich (winner of a 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award), and Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet by The Bombadils. 

Since moving back to Vancouver, I’ve produced and engineered albums including Tightrope Walk by Barney Bentall, Tom Taylor and Shari Ulrich, New Shoes by The Bombadils (nominated for two 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards), and Supposed To Fly by David Graff, and mixed Grizzly Bear Town by Haida artist Terri-Lynn Williams-Davison and All Along The Sea by Caridwen and Greg Spatz. I’ve also been working as a music editor for several internationally-broadcast television series and a variety of feature films, including three seasons of the Netflix exclusive series Travelers, and The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco



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I am available for a range of services including engineering and/or production of full-length albums, high-quality demos, live concert recordings and other location recording, in addition to mixing, editing, audio for video post-production, and audio restoration and denoising. I am proficient at Pro Tools, Merging Pyramix, Izotope RX restoration suite, as well as other software and DAWs. 

If you would like to discuss a project or if you have any questions, please send me a message at:


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