Helping out at Baker Street studios at age 7

I am a freelance audio engineer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I grew up in a musical family with two singer-songwriter parents, and started studying classical piano and violin at age 4. At twelve, I began accompanying my mother, recording artist Shari Ulrich, on stage in concerts across Canada. Along the way I added mandolin, acoustic guitar, accordion and vocals. 

                Mixing in McGill's 22.2 surround room

I began studying at McGill University in 2008, and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Music Technology. Taking a particular interest in this unique combination of music and science, I decided to continue my studies in audio engineering and production. In the spring of 2014, I completed my Master of Music Degree in Sound Recording at McGill University's Schulich School of Music under the instruction of George Massenburg, Richard King, Steven Epstein, and others. There, I collaborated with students and professional musicians, producing and engineering a variety of projects ranging from classical and pop music to audio for video post-production. I also worked under the supervision of Wieslaw Woszczyk on a research project relating to Virtual Acoustics, and helped to showcase the technology at a variety of concerts open to the public in McGill's Music Multimedia Room

While at McGill, I also engineered and produced two full-length commercially released albums: Everywhere I Go by Shari Ulrich (winner of a 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award), and Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet by The Bombadils.

Most recently, I have been working as a music editor for film and television, including the supernatural drama "Haven", and collaborating on a variety of freelance projects. 

Photo by Pink Monkey Studios

Photo by Brian Chan